Equality, is there such a thing?

9 Jun

One thing which i have found to be quite intriguing, whether it’s just my own crazy way of seeing things or everybody sees it that way, is the clash of concepts or ideologies or notion, that women are better cooks than men.

This is certainly true, in terms that women still do a lot of the house cooking for families and so on, and men usually burn things in the kitchen, but what then repeals this idea, is the fact that we have more men who are considered top quality chefs (my own stats). For example we have all these cooking shows and you have the Gordon Ramsey,and all the french and masterchef people, Compare this a few women e.g. Nigella something British lady, and that masterchef lady.

This i concluded comes down to two things, men and women are the same cooks, but inequality and the prejudicial institution of the work place and society gives an opportunity to men more than women.
We can fool ourselves and think, that it is changing, that it is increasingly becoming acceptable for women to get jobs in the same manner as men. That is not the case, of course we’ve come a long way but not long enough, Julia Gillard is certainly not making a case for women but not that Tony Abbott is doing any different for men.

But the main point is outside of the hospitality industry, it is an accepted notion that women cook better than men, but how come in terms of the cooking jobs in turns around and suddenly men are expects?


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